The Sears Woodland in Tulsa Oklahoma

The Sears Woodland in Tulsa Oklahoma

It’s only appropriate that my first post should be about my first discovery.

I’ll never forget the day I found this house.  It was late afternoon in the summer of 2008 and I was leaving work downtown.  I decided to drive through a neighborhood just west of downtown a few blocks before heading home.  I had Rosemary’s book Finding The Houses That Sears Built in my front seat.  I had read it front to back several times. I drove to the corner of Nogales and Brady and paused in front of this rickety old house that looked to be occupied by an extreme hoarder.  I thought surely this house must be slated for demolition.  But, what caught my eye was this: The front porch extends  a little beyond the home’s walls and I saw the front door was flanked by two shorter windows, a squarely shaped attic dormer and the unique chunky columns that I had been searching for on every house built around 1920. If you look on page 122 of Rosemary’s book I mention above you will find that description.  I knew that I had found a Sears Woodland!  Although it was in bad shape it was still a match to the catalog image.  I checked the window arrangements and every little architectural detail I could see.  It was kind of like one of those worksheets you did in gradeschool identifying certain things and circling them.  The little closet window was not visible, I assumed it was under that awful 1940’s siding.  The house had been added on to in the back and an exterior stairwell to the second story on BOTH sides of the house had been added at some point.  I knew what that meant, the house was chopped up and turned into a multi family dwelling. That wasn’t a good sign.  I have seen quite a few these, firefighters hate them because you often have no clue as to where doors lead.  Chopped up houses can be bad news all around.

I was giddy with excitement at my discovery and I had goosebumps!  I was so happy because I had been searching for a few weeks with no  luck and beginning to believe what I read and heard, no Sears houses in Tulsa.

I got my book out and went to the front door and knocked, no answer. I was going to show the home owner the catalog image and see what they could tell me.   I peered through the windows a little and oh my, what a mess!

I don’t think I took pictures that day.  I returned a few days later with a xeroxed copy of the house and my camera.  I wrote info on the copy and left it on the door.

Click on the images below to see what alerted me that I had found a Woodland.


About Rachel Shoemaker

I've been hooked on finding and or identifying mail order homes since 2008. I'm not picky, kit homes from Sears Modern Homes, Aladdin Ready Cut, Gordon Van Tine, Wardway Homes, all of the major companies as well as the popular pattern and plan book homes built from about 1900 and on. Could you be living in one of these homes? Send me an email:
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5 Responses to The Sears Woodland in Tulsa Oklahoma

  1. Nancy says:

    Let me be the first to comment and say “yay!” to your new blog!


  2. Thanks Nancy. I hope I can figure this out.


  3. Jerry says:

    Congratulations on your new well done blog, having an interest in kit homes and Tulsa history myself, it’s nice to be able to one stop the local kit builds. Thanks for doing the research, good read and good luck!


    • Rachel Shoemaker says:

      Thank you! I am happy you found it. I have always had an interest in Tulsa history and old houses. It has been fun and exciting finding these houses and identifying them and hopefully bringing them to attention and saved from being torn down.


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