The GN Wright House


***New information found. UPDATE POSTED AT THE BOTTOM!

This post is to correct a few errors from yesterday’s post about the Gordon Van Tine #535/560 aka Roberts at 518 N. Tacoma.
Evidently this is known as the GN Wright house.  I discovered that while nosing around on the internet yesterday.

According to the Tulsa Preservation Commission this is the GN Wright house built circa 1925. I did not know that.

I originally thought it was the home of a man named  Caroll Kautz because that is who is listed as the resident in 1918 and 1920 at 518 N. Tacoma.  Evidently the address of what we know today as 518 N. Tacoma was 416 N. Tacoma back in the 1920’s!  The house numbers were moved by a block at some point.  Knowing that, I researched more. I started by creating a family tree on ancestry for GN Wright.  I do this often because I can keep a timeline of a person using directories, census, draft registration and so forth.

I can place Gabriel Norman Wright at 416 N. Tacoma by the year 1917 and that is verified on his draft registration card. According to the 1920 United States Federal Census he and his wife Eliza and their three children and servant lived at 416 N. Tacoma. He and his family and a different servant lived at 713 N. Denver prior to that.  My guess is that house is long gone.  I don’t know of any houses on that block that date to the early early 1900’s.

That changes the original owner of this house in my research project on mail order kit homes  however it also changes the purported  construction date for this house.  This house wasn’t built circa 1925,  it was built by 1917.

The Gordon Van Tine #560 was featured on the cover of their 1916 catalog. It was one of their largest and fanciest models.

My guess is that this house was just what this oil company president wanted for his family too like Gordon Van Tine Co president Edward Roberts.

Gabriel Norman Wright was the President of Wright Producing and Refining Corporation by 1917.
He had lots of experience as a company president.  He was president of Wright Clothing Co. at 102 S. Main and he was also Merchants and Planters Bank president as well as president of Oklahoma Glazed Cement Pipe Company.

He was obviously a quite successful Tulsa business man!

Washington Irving Monument at Vancouver and Easton in Owen Park

One of his contributions to the community and his neighborhood was  the Washington Iving  Monument at the intersection of Vancouver Ave. and Easton Boulevard .

Gabriel and his family resided in this house at 416 N. Tacoma (518 N. Tacoma) until sometime in the mid-late 1920’s.  By 1930 he and his family had moved to Los Angeles, Ca and he was out of the oil business.

Now you know the rest of the story.  I will post my notes below.  Show your work!  This is the timeline for Gabriel Norman Wright that I created on

Gabriel Norman Wright Timeline

That research took several hours. I hope I don’t encounter any more changed street numbers.

***UPDATE! I stumbled on new information while looking for an address in the 1930 city directory.  I saw the address for this house and noticed the owner’s name so I tracked him!  The GN Wright house was owned in 1927 by Charles Coakley and his wife Betty. He was a lawyer. In 1935 he and his wife moved to 1015 Woodward Blvd. And BTW, in 1930 this house was valued at $22,000. Hmmm, I wonder who the third owner was?  If I stumble on that I will update this again.


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