Sears Hazelton, Tulsa and Wagoner

Ha·zle·ton, three syllables. The Sears Hazelton is known as the house of threes.  I learned that from Rosemary Thornton.   It is an easy way to remember details of the Sears Hazelton!  I read that in one of her books and she told me one day in a phone conversation and it makes it so easy to remember the details. One of the things that many people have trouble with is seeing details.  I seem to have a knack for it.

The Sears Hazelton is easily recognized by its slightly off-center front door which is flanked by a set of triple windows on both sides. There is a low shed dormer which also has three windows. On the side, the narrow off centered door side, there are three small square windows. That is the living room. Next to those three windows there is a bay window with four windows, that is the dining room. Behind the dining room is the kitchen which will have one single or double window. Off the kitchen is a small covered back porch which is often enclosed. The roof of the Hazelton is a little longer in the front than the back. I can tell you that off the top of my head without looking at an image!  And yes I can tell you the entire interior layout too.

I found a Sears Hazelton in Brady Heights Historic District on North Cheyenne.  When I sat in front of the house I went through that checklist above. Take a look at the house and compare to the catalog image. I think you will see why it is called the house of threes.

Sears Hazelton catalog image

Now, compare that with the house on N. Cheyenne.

Sears Hazelton on N Cheyenne

I could see down the side where the kitchen windows are and the porch has indeed been enclosed and it appears the house has been added on to in the rear. I’ll try to update with a photo when the car is not parked in the driveway.

Sears Hazelton on N Cheyenne showing the off center front door.

The wider side of the front door is a wall and divides the living room from a bedroom.

A Sears Hazelton in Wagoner that Rosemary found google driving

You may have noticed that the Wagoner house is reversed from the Tulsa house. That was an option. It is much more noticeable in the photo below because all that I described is on the right side of the house.

A Sears Hazelton in Wagoner, Okla.

The Hazelton in Wagoner has been wrapped in siding and they even sided over the columns!!! You may have noticed the dormer is missing. It may have been left off when built or may be it was in bad shape and leaked so they removed it at one time when the roof was replaced.

The Sears Hazelton from their 1916 catalog, The Hazelton was offered in 1911, 1912, 1913, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1921 and 1922.

The Sears Hazelton in Brady Heights was likely built in 1912, the first city directory entry for this address is 1913. The above catalog price reflects the 1916 price.

,This 1913 city directory shows Zera and Katherine Parnell as the occupants


This 1913 city directory listing shows Zera and Katherine Parnell as the occupants.


Given that information and having seen two examples I hope you can identify a Sears Hazelton and if you find one PLEASE let me know! Just remember, pay very close attention to those details because these were kits and not easily modified.

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3 Responses to Sears Hazelton, Tulsa and Wagoner

  1. Jill Atchison says:

    Do you know where I can get a copy of the original sears catalog order page as seen above. We have just purchased a 1917 Hazelton in Loveland Co. As I re model, I am documenting the progress and it would be great to add this to the documentation.


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