Ross Sigler’s Wardway #105

When I stumbled upon the idea of kit homes in Tulsa and set out to see one never did I imagine some four years later would I be this immersed in a project!  I wasn’t satisfied seeing a couple, which I had to work at just to find so I could see them.  I decided that I would locate and identify as many as I could so maybe I could save them someday.  I learned of a Sears Corona that was torn down for the expansion of Tulsa University.  A parking lot is now in its place.  The Sears Woodland at Nogales and Brady was about to fall in when I found it.

I see these houses as just an important part of Tulsa’s history as the mansions that the oil barons lived in.  Who lived in these kit homes was my next question?  What did they do?  What were their occupations?  So my project grew!

In 1912 Barney Ross Sigler built a Wardway #105 at 2112 E. Second Str.  The #105 was one of the earlier models that Montgomery Ward’s home division offered. The lumber was not ready cut but still a kit.  Included in the kit was enough lumber ready to be cut according to the included blue prints, the windows, doors, hardware, nails, shingles, paint, so forth. That was all delivered in a boxcar  by train.  Cement and masonry was purchased locally.

The Wardway #105 from their 1915 catalog

This image is from my 1915 catalog so that reflects the 1915 price. Did you notice everything that was included?  Heating, plumbing and lighting was not included in that price.

My research shows that Ross Sigler moved to Tulsa from Indiana in 1898 to become a lease broker. That makes Mr. Sigler one of Tulsa’s early residents!  A Tulsa pioneer.  In 1902 Ross’s family, parents and siblings, Christopher Columbus Sigler and wife Hellen also relocated to Tulsa.  He was one of Tulsa’s early contractors and helped build early Tulsa according to his obituary in the Tulsa World.  They resided at 78 N Gillette which is now a vacant lot.

Ross and his wife Jessa had one son, Edward. Thanks to Ross’s great-niece I was able to obtain this early family photo of the Sigler family.  What a beautiful family photo!  I found this very exciting to not only figure out who lived in our Wardway #105 but to see a photo of the family who lived in it.

Ross Sigler with his wife Jessa and their son Edward.

What a beautiful photo! I just love old family photos and have on occassion just thumbed through albums at antique stores to look at them.

This is the cover of my 1915 catalog and the earliest in my Wardway collection.  I wonder if Ross’s father Christopher constructed any kit homes in Tulsa?  I wouldn’t be surprised if he did!

Montgomery Ward Book of Homes 1915

This is the Ross Sigler house at 212 E 2nd Str in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I talked to the folks living in it last summer and told them about it being a kit home and I was told they were selling it. I need to go check on it!  This house is one of three maybe four KNOWN Wardway #105’s in the country. This is also one of our earliest mail order homes since this house dates to 1912.  I can place the Ross family at this address according to the 1912 city directory. Ross and his family moved to 903 S Lawton, that house is gone now.  I wonder if it was a kit home too? He and his family moved there sometime after 1926 or so.  After a 10 day battle with pneumonia Ross passed away on Feb. 5 1937.  He was buried in Oaklawn Cemetary. I don’t know when that house was torn down but in 1940 Edward and his mother, his wife and young son were living there according to the 1940 census.

The Sigler house was built reverse of the catalog image, that was an option.

A Wardway #105 in Tulsa, Okla. Thanks to my friend Rosemary Thornton for finding this via google driving.

Boy I would loved to see the siding taken off and the house restored! In fact, I think that given the history it should be listed on our historical homes list.

Montgomery Ward sold homes from 1910-1931/32.  Watch my blog for more Wardway homes I have found in Oklahoma.


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I've been hooked on finding and or identifying mail order homes since 2008. I'm not picky, kit homes from Sears Modern Homes, Aladdin Ready Cut, Gordon Van Tine, Wardway Homes, all of the major companies as well as the popular pattern and plan book homes built from about 1900 and on. Could you be living in one of these homes? Send me an email:
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  1. Love these stories. That,s what these houses are about.


  2. Gensey says:

    your work is the special zing of living Beauty of Tulsa – pretty town was said


  3. Rachael I was thrilled to see your blog on my grandparents home at 2112 E 2nd St. They were Wall and Faye Hatfield. Moved from West Virginia around 1953 to Tulsa. I would love to see inside pics of the home. So many wonderful memories!

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