Gordon Van Tine #158 in west Tulsa

Way out west of Tulsa on a hill on W. 41 st Street is the most beautiful Gordon Van Tine #158 !  There are not but a few of this model known at this time and how cool that one of them is right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Gordon Van Tine No 158 at 6210 W 41st Str

Now compare with the catalog image of the number 158 from my 1913 Gordon Van Tine catalog. The porch has been enclosed and like I have said before, that is very common.

1913 Gordon Van Tine No 158

The UN Roberts Company started as a sawmill in 1866 in Davenport, Ia. Uriah Roberts became a major supplier for lumber yards as folks moved west. Uriah Roberts died Sept 7 1866. His brother-in-law, Uriah Rorabeck, took charge until the family acquired the remaining shares of stock over the next few years. By 1906 sons Edward Roberts and his younger brother Horace were a part of the company. The sawmill offered its first mill work and building materials catalog. In 1907 Gordon Van Tine was formed. I have researched the family some but there is a website with that information if you are interested. It is very interesting, check it out   www.gordonvantine.com

 In the meantime here is a page out of one of my  catalogs that shows the location of the mills and the areas each mill served.

1919 Gordon Van Tine Farm Buildings catalog

As you can see we, Oklahoma, were close to two Gordon Van Tine mills. Gordon Van Tine provided the lumber for Wardway and both GVT and Wardway homes often used Radford plans for their kits. Finding Gordon Van Tine or Wardway homes in Oklahoma doesn’t surprise me in the least bit! Do you know where a Gordon Van Tine or Wardway home is? Send me a message. I have found a few here and there but I will check my findings and if it’s not in my findings I’ll sure look into it! I have a large collection of GVT catalogs, kit homes, mill work and even barn/farm buildings and I would love to help you identify your house.


About Rachel Shoemaker

I've been hooked on finding and or identifying mail order homes since 2008. I'm not picky, kit homes from Sears Modern Homes, Aladdin Ready Cut, Gordon Van Tine, Wardway Homes, all of the major companies as well as the popular pattern and plan book homes built from about 1900 and on. Could you be living in one of these homes? Send me an email: searshomes@yahoo.com
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