The not so sunny Aladdin Sunshine in Tulsa

Tulsa is home to an Aladdin Sunshine, alas a not so sunny Sunshine. This house has seen better times and after researching the history I can understand why it is in the condition it is in. There were seven different occupants/families between 1921 and 1935. I stopped there. I think it is rental property now. It was never occupied by one family for more than five years at time during the years I checked. Thirteen to fourteen years and so many occupants, it probably didn’t have the best care during some of those years.
As you can see below the Aladdin Sunshine was a very pretty little bungalow and spacious for its size and it even had a breakfast nook!

The Aladdin Sunshine image and floorplan, a spacious little bungalow!

The Aladdin Sunshine image and floorplan, a spacious little bungalow!

The Aladdin Sunshine in Tulsa was first occupied in 1921 by John Goss Jr. and his new bride Louise. John was treasurer for Texas Petroleum and Land Co. At least I believe they were newlyweds because the 1920 census shows him single living with mom and pop at their house. He worked for his dad, John Sr and I think it was owned by John Sr.
I can just imagine Louise serving breakfast in their cozy little breakfast nook before her husband headed out to the office.  Can you picture John drinking his morning coffee and reading the Tulsa World?  Back then the Tulsa World had a morning and an evening newspaper.

Aladdin Sunshine Breakfast Nook

Aladdin Sunshine Breakfast Nook

The Goss’s lived in the Sunshine until 1923. By 1924 George and Anabelle Crawford had moved in to the house for a year.  George was a salesman at Dickason-Goodman Lumber. I bet he was impressed with the quality of lumber the Aladdin company used!  After all, Aladdin was known for their dollar a knot guarantee.

The Aladdin Dollar a Knot Guarantee

The Aladdin Dollar a Knot Guarantee

In 1925 Leo and Leah Wakefield and their family moved in. Leo was an auditor for Skelly Oil Company. They would occupy the Sunshine until 1930 holding the record for five years. Perhaps it was the homey living room that attracted the Wakefields ?

The Aladdin Sunshine Living Room

The Aladdin Sunshine Living Room

In 1930 Oil Well Supply Co chief clerk Arthur K Herbert and his wife Corwin moved in and lived here for close to two years. By 1932 Charles and Luella Thomas moved in. Charles was a clerk for Saint Louis – San Francisco Railway.

And, once again within a year the Sunshine had yet another family!  In 1933 the Merle and Birdie Crumb family moved in.  Merle was employed at the First National Bank and Trust as a special officer, security?  By 1934, I know, yet AGAIN a new family had moved in! George and Simmie Gladson were living in the Sunshine. George was an air brake repairman and car inspector for Saint Louis – San Francisco Railway.  They were living there in 1935.   I stopped right there. I had this song memorized.  I couldn’t bear to see how many more owners or occupants had lived here.

Aladdin Sunshine in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Aladdin Sunshine in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Above is our Aladdin Sunshine. It has so much potential. I am in hopes that one day I will drive by and see it all cleaned up repaired and painted. Below is what this bungalow COULD look like if restored. It has good bones and is made from the best lumber.  It still has its original windows. Peel that 1940’s siding off and give it a fresh coat of paint and shed a little sunshine in the neighborhood! It just needs some TLC.

The Aladdin Sunshine was  such a cheerful house in the catalog image.

The Aladdin Sunshine was such a cheerful house in the catalog image.

Do you have an Aladdin Sunshine? I would love to see more. If you need help with identifying any mail order kit house please send me message. If you are from Oklahoma and have a kit home then PLEASE send me a message. I would especially like to see your house!

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I've been hooked on finding and or identifying mail order homes since 2008. I'm not picky, kit homes from Sears Modern Homes, Aladdin Ready Cut, Gordon Van Tine, Wardway Homes, all of the major companies as well as the popular pattern and plan book homes built from about 1900 and on. Could you be living in one of these homes? Send me an email:
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5 Responses to The not so sunny Aladdin Sunshine in Tulsa

  1. Nancy says:

    You would probably STILL be researching the former owners! Good work.


  2. Rose says:


    Poor little house!

    Hey – remember when you said you didn’t know anything about Aladdin? How many years ago was that? You’ve come a long way!! Now YOU are my “go-to person” for so many of these houses!


  3. Barbara Grant says:

    I am sure I DO have an Aladdin Sunshine house! It was built in 1910 here in Salem, OR. There is a half story upstairs, too. All dormer ceilings up there. It is such an amazingly sturdy house that you can’t imagine it’s that old. I do have the ‘extras’ like the built-in buffet, and arched bookcases between the living room and dining room. No one ever painted over all of the nice stained oak trim.


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