Inside a Sears Modern Homes 306 / 215, A Guided Tour With Blueprints

My last blog featured the exterior of a Sears Modern Homes 306 aka 215.

Today we get to see inside of that house and we are going to do so through the original blueprints! I’m going to point out a few things in the blueprints and show them with their catalog images. It’s going to be informative! Educational.  AND, FUN!  I LOVE matching millwork and hardware like this.

Let’s go!  The front is a great place to begin!

Sears 306-215 West Chazy New York Left Side

When I found this house a few years ago she was pink. She has recently been painted I have been told. This beautiful queen anne is at 50 West Church Street West Chazy, NY 12992 and it is currently on the market!


Sears 306-215 Front Elevation West Chazy New York Edited for Blog Highlighted

This original blueprint, courtesy of the homeowner, shows the front elevation. I’ve circled a few things that I’m going to show you.


Sears Millwork

This page is from my 1912 millwork and materials catalog. I have matched the corresponding numbers from the blueprints with the millwork in that catalog.


Sears 306-215 West Chazy New York Superba Front Door w Stratford Hardware

The description for the Sears 306, 215, specifies the Superba door. It is also seen in the blueprints. The hardware specified is the Stratford Design. Compare with the front door of the Sears 306, 215, in West Chazy Ny.   The other exterior door can be seen here.


Sears 306-215 First Floor West Chazy New York Highlighted

Let’s step inside! Once again I have highlighted a few things in this original blueprint that I have matched with millwork in the 1912 Sears millwork catalog.


Sears Reception Hallway

Welcome! This is the reception hall. I would like to point out the leaded glass cottage window and the leaded art glass. Those can be seen in the original blueprints.


Sears Millwork

The best cottage windows on the market.  🙂  This page is from my 1912 materials catalog.


Sears Millwork

And there’s that beautiful leaded art glass (circled) in the reception hall! We’ll see it again later. I know it looks a little different but the number in the blue print matches the number in the catalog.


West Chazy 306-215 Colonnade

This beautiful colonnade separates the reception hall and the library. It’s the Lorraine colonnade and is in the blueprints as well.


Sears Millwork

From my 1912 Sears millwork catalog, the Lorraine Colonnade.



This is another Lorraine Colannade from a Sears 306 215 in Livingston NY. The image is from from a real estate listing when I found it a few years ago.



Sears 306-215 West Chazy, New York Grille 8430 2

This beautiful grille, as notated in the original blueprint, leads from the library to the dining room.


Sears 1912

Artistic grilles will beautify your home. They certainly do as we have seen!


Sears 306-215 West Chazy, New York Grille 8428

This artistic grille comes with the house but I don’t know where it goes or where it was removed. However, it’s in the catalog, shown above, but not in the blueprints. Maybe it was sent in error?


West Chazy 306-215 Dining Room and grille

So, now we’re in the dining room! How about that chandelier? Light fixtures were not included in the package. HOWEVER…….


West Chazy 306-215 Dining Room Chandelier

Look closer


Sears 1912

I found the dining room chandelier in my 1912 building materials catalog! Looks like Maude ordered fixtures too.


Sears 306-215 Buffet in West Chazy NY

And that beautiful pass through china buffet in the dining room? Oh my!


Sears 306-215 Buffet in Livingston NY

I’m glad I saved this image! This is from a real estate listing for a Sears 306 215 in Livingston NY. The same built in buffet!


Sears 306-215 Buffet and Book Case West Chazy New York

I’ve never seen that buffet in a Sears millwork catalog HOWEVER … it IS in the original blueprint!


Sears 306-215  Book Case West Chazy New York

Did you notice the bookcase in the blueprints? It should be in the library but it’s in one of the bedrooms upstairs. And those blinds? I think those are original too! I found blinds like that in my 1912 materials and millwork catalog. I bet Maude placed an order for several things from Sears! Just like *Sears* hoped for customers to do!


West Chazy 306-215 Hinge

Did you notice this hinge in the photos? This half mortise hinge is often found in Sears kit homes.


Sears Modern Homes

Sears hardware from an advertisement in my July 1913 National Builder. You can see the hinge as well as the Stratford door hardware!



There is a pantry between the dining room and the kitchen and the pantry in West Chazy is intact! To the right in this photo is the pass through buffet to the dining room. I love those!
Now to the kitchen…



And once again we have that beautiful leaded art glass that we saw in the reception hall!  It also appears the door off the back of the kitchen was moved, an alteration to the house where it was built on to as seen in the first blog.


West Chazy 306-215 Door and Stratford Hardware

The original blueprints show a Jackson door off the kitchen. It looks like the window has been replaced. There’s the Stratford door hardware again!


Sears Millwork

And from my 1912 Sears millwork catalog is the Jackson door.



The Sears 306 215 shows another stairway off of the kitchen, good morning stairs. Although they are shown in the original blueprints for the West Chazy house I think they were omitted. This photo is from the Sears 306 215 in Livingston NY You can see the good morning stairs from the kitchen and those will lead you to the landing in the stairs from the reception hall.



This is a view of the landing between the stairs that serves the kitchen and the reception hall stairs. That’s shown in the blueprints as well.


West Chazy 306-215 Newel and Stairs combo w Livingston

We’ve circled through the first floor now. On the left of this image is the Sears 306 215 stairway and landing in West Chazy NY and on the right is the Livingston NY stairway, from a real estate listing that I saved years ago.


Sears 306-215 Stair Detail West Chazy New York

Let’s take a look at the details for the stairs since we are here. I matched the inventory/catalog numbers from my Sears 1912 millwork catalog with the numbers shown for the millwork shown in the blueprint that you see.



The more decorative newel is used in the reception hall and the plain newel in the kitchen for the good morning stairs. Except, you may have noticed…I did, the Livingston good morning stairs swapped the newels at the landing. Newels 2, 3 and 4 in this image are very common newels and every millwork catalog and kit home company had them. Those three newels were very common in kit homes and non kit homes.


Sears Millwork

The stairwork is in the millwork catalogs as well. This page is from my Sears 1912 millwork catalog.


Maude Lawson Sears 306-215 West Chazy New York

This undated photo of Maude Lawson’s Sears 306/215 was provided by the homeowner. I wonder if Maude sent this in as a testimony and it was never used in a catalog? It’s a GREAT photo! How about that interior? Was that not gorgeous?


Sears 1913

The Sears 306/215 from my 1913 catalog, the year Maude ordered her home. The price she paid was probably close to that $1561.00 . Cement, bricks, cement blocks were not included in that price and neither was anything electrical or plumbing. In 1913 the lumber was not pre-cut either. I’m sure she hired a carpenter or two. The 1920 census lists the value of her home at $3,500.


I would like to thank homeowner Amelia Lushia for all of the wonderful photos and documents for this house. What a treat!

If you are interested in buying this house please contact Tina Calkins Covey RE/MAX North Country by clicking this link.


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  1. Carol Vaughan says:

    What a great story to wake up to. Thanks for sharing all this. I was really interested in the round columns in your catalog. They look Similar to the ones on the house my grandfather built in 1910. He had some square columns on another side of the house and I’ve always wondered why he chose two styles. Carol

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