The Gordon Van Tine 547, An Economical and Ever Popular Type

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The Gordon Van Tine number 547 is an attractive but simple home with no unnecessary ornamentation, just the cozy home for which you have been looking. Its’ comfortable appearance and convenient arrangement have gained favor with many.

Let’s look at two from the Gordon Van Tine Homes Inventory and see what you think!

Gordon Van Tine 1925, number 547

The Gordon Van Tine number 547 was first offered in 1915 as a Standard Home, not ready cut home, as number 197. It was offered in the first “ready-cut” catalog in 1916 as number 501. It was renumbered a few years later to 547 and in 1929 as the Dixon and the early 1930’s as the Dixon and the Addison by its’ last offering in 1935. (That’s just one example of why I abandoned my long ago project of an index of GVT models and names!)   The catalog image shown is from my 1925 catalog.



Gordon Van Tine 547 in Willsboro New York

This Gordon Van Tine 547 was built in Willsboro, New York. The twin windows above the porch light the front bedroom and twin windows light the back bedroom. Both rooms have ample closet space, for 1926 I suppose. 🙂 And, the side dormer makes room for a full bathroom lighted by one window. A nice 20’x8′ covered porch and it hasn’t been enclosed! The downstairs windows shown are the dining room, pantry, and kitchen. The first thing that caught my attention, however, was the current paint color choice. The specifications for the paint is light gray for the body and white for the trim. Unless otherwise instructed.




1926 Gordon Van Tine 547 in Willsboro New York

The right side shows the living room windows and the back window is a bedroom. And the back of this house has an addition, a sun porch off of the back bedroom. This addition has been there for many years, we’ll see vintage photos later.


Della and Dorothy Calkins in 1952 in  Willsboro New York, Gordon Van Tine 547

This 1952 shows original owner Della Calkins and her daughter Dorothy in front of their Gordon Van Tine 547 in Willsboro New York.


1926 Gordon Van Tine 547 in Willboro New York with car

This photo circa 1940’s or so shows the back addition. That date comes from a general poll of my car aficionado friends on facebook. In fact, my TKE big brother from college is in the automobile industry in Cincinnati, Ohio and told me this  “It’s a dodge. Could be either pre-war or post-war. There were no changes for the post-war 46-48’s from the pre-war 41-42’s as it took the auto industry two years to get back into production.” The other theory is, 1952 since the previous photo shown is dated 1952.


Della Calkins Gordon Van Tine 457 and Hollyhocks

This photo dated August 1968 is Della Calkins and her prized Hollyhocks. Della was quite the gardener and later after her husband’s death in 1933, she earned a living as a seamstress.


Gordon Van Tine 547 Door, Willsboro New York

The front door of the Gordon Van Tine 547 is the same door found on the Gordon Van Tine 554/563 in Atoka Oklahoma.


The front door

The front door in Atoka Oklahoma’s Gordon Van Tine 553/563.



The front door from the millwork catalog.

The front door from the Gordon Van Tine millwork catalog.



Gordon Van Tine Case

Included with the Gordon Van Tine 547 was kitchen case “B” and it was located in the pantry.


Gordon Van Tine 547 Willsboro New York Linen Closet

This appears to be a bedroom, not sure which. But, notice the linen closet. It wasn’t specified for this house but could be purchased in addition. They are usually in the hall by the bathroom.


Catalog image of the built in linen closet.

How about that! Here’s the catalog image of the built in linen closet!



Built in linen closet

The number 554 came with a built in linen closet in the upstairs hall.


Gordon Van Tine 547 Stencil Door in Willsboro New York

This door frame gives us clues as to who ordered this Gordon Van Tine 547 in Willsboro New York!


Gordon Van Tine 547 Stencil Calkins Willsboro New York

Gordon Van Tine lumber was stenciled for shipment, as shown. Each bundle or crate was stenciled with the from Gordon Van Tine Davenport Iowa, location of the mill; and the destination, the purchaser name and location of train depot. This Gordon Van Tine 547 was purchased by Grover Guy Calkins in 1926. Grover was a carpenter and a farmer. Carpenters buy good product, that right there says something about the lumber and material coming from the Gordon Van Tine Co which was coincidentally started as a lumber mill. Grover passed away in 1933 leaving behind hi wife Della, their 25 year old son who helped farm and their teenage daughter.


Willis and Isabelle Burgess Gordon Van Tine 547 in Monica Illinois

Willis and Isabelle Burgess built a Gordon Van Tine 547 in Monica Illinois. Both of the Burgesses were gone by 1928. This testimony appeared in the 1925 catalog.


Gordon Van Tine 547 in Monica, Illinois

On the left is a google screen shot from a few years ago of the Burgess Gordon Van Tine 547 in Monica, Illinois. On the right is a bing screenshot which is more recent. What? I don’t usually post addresses but, the house is or WAS at 15118 W State Route 90, Monica – Princeville, Illinois. If you know what happened please leave me a comment or email me!


Gordon Van Tine 547 in Monica Illinois

The image on the left is a few years ago and the image on the right is fairly recent. Hey, I can remove numbers from a photo of a house but I can not edit out an entire house like this! Where did it go?


Gordon Van TIne 547 in Monica Illinois

I had to take a look from above just to make sure. Yep, it’s gone and gone like it never existed! Did it burn? Was it relocated? The farm looks to still be in operation.


Now that you have seen TWO authenticated Gordon Van Tine number 547’s maybe you know where one is?

Or, if you know what happened to the one in Monica Illinois … drop me an email at or contact me on facebook here or here.

To read my previous blog about the recent Gordon Van Tine 140 I recently identified for someone click here!

You tube link love from above, credit to college classmate Cathy Horn Fleck’s new album.

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