Gordon Van Tine 116, A True Craftsman Bungalow

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In my last blog,  I promised to show two early Gordon Van Tine craftsman bungalows in the next blog.

The Gordon Van Tine 116 was a craftsman mission bungalow design borrowed from California.  Other kit home companies such as Sears and Lewis borrowed bungalow designs from California in the early years.  I’ve featured a few  California bungalows in blogs in the past that were used by kit home companies.

Gordon Van Tine 1913, number 116

The Gordon Van Tine 116 was a true craftsman bungalow and first offered in 1910 but it was my 1913 catalog that made it possible for me to find two early 116s.


Gordon Van Tine 116 Fruechtel Testimony

With this testimony from my 1913 catalog, I was able to easily locate the Gordon Van Tine 116 that Joseph and Edna Fruechtel built in Gadsden, Alabama.


Gordon Van Tine 116 built in 1911 in Gadsden Alabama by Joseph Fruechtel

This poor google street view screen shot (beggars can’t be choosers) shows the Gordon Van Tine Joseph Fruechtel built in 1911 in Gadsden, Alabama. Joseph was a carpenter/contractor.


Notice the two bump outs on the right side. The front bump out is the living room and it has a gabled roof and the back bump out is the dining room and it has a shed roof. That’s a pretty distinctive detail to remember.


Gordon Van Tine 116 in Gadsden, Alabama

The fenestration on the left side is a match to the catalog floor plan.


Is there anyone near Gadsden, Alabama that can get real photos? 🙂


Gordon Van Tine 116 in Gadsden, Alabama

Fortunately the Gordon Van Tine 116 in Gadsden, Alabama is on a corner allowing us to see the back of this California bungalow.


Gordon Van Tine 1916 Standard Homes, 116

The Fruechtel’s living room is shown in the 1916 Gordon Van Tine Standard Home’s catalog. I wonder if the colonnade and the built in buffet are still there?


Gordon Van Tine 116 built in 1912 by Nathaniel Conard in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

This Gordon Van Tine 116 was easy to find in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1912 by Nathaniel and Edna Conard. Nathaniel was a machinist.


Gordon Van Tine 116, Fruechtel, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Trees on the right side of the Conard’s Gordon Van Tine 116 prohibit a good view of the two different bump outs as seen in the testimony image but, they are there.


Gordon Van Tine 116 in Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Not sure why I even bothered with this one. The boxwoods block this side. Oh, and … squirrel!


Gordon Van Tine 116, 1909-1910

The Gordon Van Tine 116 was a mission bungalow borrowed from California, as many were in the early years. It was first offered by Gordon Van Tine as seen above in 1909-1910.


Gordon Van Tine 561, 116, Ready Cut 1916

The Gordon Van Tine 116 was last offered as a Standard Home, not ready cut, in 1916. It was briefly offered as ready-cut number 561 in the first ready-cut catalog in 1916 with a different floor plan and different dimensions.


To see a set of Gordon Van Tine blueprints click here!

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For more information on the Gordon Van Tine Company of Davenport, Iowa visit the website of Dale Wolicki here.

My friend Rosemary Thornton has featured several Gordon Van Tine homes on her blog.

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Come back for my next blog to see a Gordon Van Tine Arlington in South Dakota.

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