Gordon Van Tine 131, A Beautiful Brick and Stucco Home

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Within the life of every man and woman a time arrives when they desire to throw off the yoke of the renter’s lot, and a longing springs into existence for the comforts and satisfaction of a home of their own.   Then they suddenly manifest an interest never known before in all new houses built or in process of building in their immediate vicinity.

A modern brick and stucco home could be built with Gordon Van Tine plan number 131 for $3,499 in 1910. Price does not include heating, plumbing and electrical and of course, your lot or property.

Gordon Van Tine 1910-1911 number 131

The Gordon Van Tine 131 was first offered in 1910-1911 in the Gordon Van Tine Grand Book of Plans for Everybody


Gordon Van Tine 1913 number 131

With the help of a testimony in my 1913 Gordon Van Tine Book of Building Plans I was able to locate a number 131 for an example!


William Albert Wurster and his wife Elizabeth built this 131 in Portsmouth Ohio in 1911.   Albert was the secretary/treasurer of the Tracy Shoe Company.


Tracy Shoe Company c 1900

Image credit: Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D., “Tracy Shoe Company on Second Street (c. 1900).,” Scioto Historical, accessed December 13, 2016


This building still stands today.


Gordon Van Tine 131 Right Back in Portsmouth Ohio

We can get a good view of this Gordon Van Tine because most of the houses surrounding this house are now gone. You might be wondering what that is all about, the stairs and all. It is now home of the James K Marsh House, a counseling center.


Gordon Van Tine 131 Portsmouth Ohio

The left side of the Gordon Van Tine 131 in Portsmouth Ohio.  The 131 was discontinued sometime before 1915.


To see a set of Gordon Van Tine blueprints click here!

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Come back for my next blog to see four distinctly out of the ordinary homes, the Gordon Van Tine 121!

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