Gordon Van Tine 121, Distinctly Out of the Ordinary

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This plan is distinctly out of the ordinary, and shows good taste in every line. When built it is one of the most attractive houses imaginable outside and in. Many architects have attempted houses of this general plan, but we have not found one to equal plan number 121.

Gordon Van Tine 1913 catalog,  121

The Gordon Van Tine 121 was offered 1910-1916 as a “Standard Home” , not ready-cut.


This beautiful color rendering is from my Gordon Van Tine Book of Building Plans 1913.


George H Woolman Gordon Van Tine 121 Testimony

George Henry Woolman built this Gordon Van Tine 121 on his Nebraska farm in 1912. George and his wife, Myrtle Elizabeth, had six children.


Cornelius Dyer Gordon Van Tine 121 in Champaign Illinois

Cornelius Dyer was a real estate investor, amongst other things.  This Gordon Van Tine was likely built as rental property or to resell in Champaign, Illinois. Mark Hardin has been helping me see what we can find out about Cornelius and his investments. Cornelius had a stroke in 1916 and passed away in 1918. His wife, Elizabeth, lived another 30 years.


A very special thanks to Sears Homes group member Joshua Ratts for taking a quick photo for me today!


Gordon Van Tine 121 on Park Ave

This Gordon Van Tine 121 was serendipity! I was looking for Cornelius Dyer’s home and actually found this one first and realized it was reversed. It’s just a couple of blocks from the other 121. I wonder if Cornelius built two of them? We haven’t found a connection yet other than they are both located in what was Dyers Addition in 1913 . To the right is a Harris Brothers 1512 and across the street I noticed a Sears Argyle. And, I found other kit homes in this neighborhood.


Thanks to Joshua Ratts for taking this photo today as well!


Gordon Van Tine AL Yearous 121 in Eagle Grove, Iowa

Albin and Anna Yearous built a Gordon Van Tine 121 in Eagle Grove, Iowa where they were merchants, A. L. Yearous Hardware & Sporting.


Al Yearous Gordon Van Tine 121 at 513 S Commercial in Eagle Grove, Ia.

Al Yearous Gordon Van Tine 121 at 513 S Commercial in Eagle Grove, Iowa. Photo credit and copyright: Jenny Yearous, great granddaughter.


Al Yearous Gorcon Van Tine 121 in Eagle Grove, Ia.  Son Jesse's room.

This is the bedroom of Jesse Yearous, youngest of the two Yearous boys. Jesse’s  granddaughter contacted me when she saw my blog. She tells me that her grandfather, Jesse Yearous, ran a telegraph line between the store and the house so he could let Anna, his wife, know that he was heading home so the meal would be on the table when he got there. What a fun bit of history! Photo credit and copyright: Jenny Yearous


Al Yearous Gordon Van Tine 121 at 513 S Commercial Eagle Grove, Ia

Al Yearous and family at 513 S Commercial in Eagle Grove, Ia. Many thanks to Alben’s great granddaughter for sharing these wonderful family photos! Photo credit and copyright: Jenny Yearous


To see a set of Gordon Van Tine blueprints click here!

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For more information on the Gordon Van Tine Company of Davenport, Iowa visit the website of Dale Wolicki here.

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Come back for my next blog to see the Gordon Van Tine  539 aka Marion.

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