The Aladdin Florence

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Pride of ownership in the Aladdin Florence!  To the lover of simplicity the Florence has a strong attraction, its well balanced and commodious porch, finely proportioned roof and dormer window, wide front windows and shingled gables all being in perfect harmony.

Let’s look at two great examples of the Aladdin Florence shipped from Bay City Michigan to  Oklahoma and New Hampshire.

The Aladdin Florence from my 1916 catalog, offered from 1914-1922.

Click image to see in full resolution.

This Aladdin Florence is in Erick, Oklahoma.

Built by Grover Boyd Toon, a farmer, in 1920. This once farm home was home to Grover, his wife Emma, and their two daughters Mildred and Ruth and son Elmer for many years.

This Aladdin Florence was built in Haverhill, New Hampshire by Ray Bailey a railroad brakeman.

Ray Bailey of Woodsville, New Hampshire extended an invitation to see his Aladdin Florence in this testimony I found in an Aladdin Magazine from my collection.

The Aladdin Florence, home of Ray Bailey , his wife Alice and their three children Kenneth, Marjorie and Eleanor in Haverhill, New Hampshire.

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To see two very early Aladdin homes click here. The earliest confirmed Aladdin that I am aware of!

To see two of the earliest Sears homes click here.

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I've been hooked on finding and or identifying mail order homes since 2008. I'm not picky, kit homes from Sears Modern Homes, Aladdin Ready Cut, Gordon Van Tine, Wardway Homes, all of the major companies as well as the popular pattern and plan book homes built from about 1900 and on. Could you be living in one of these homes? Send me an email:
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