An Ideal Cottage for a Summer Home or a Water Edge Resort, Sears Modern Homes Number 125

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A discussion in the Sears Homes Group about the Sears Ashmore took me to Rose’s blog where I saw a testimony for a C125 and I thought, hey! I know where that house is! I’ve been trying to feature the ‘not seen very often’ kit homes lately and I’ve never seen anyone share a Sears 125….so, here we go!

This testimony from my Sears 1917 Modern Homes catalog lead me to the only known to exist Sears 125.

From the exterior the Sears 125 looks like a pretty non-descript hip roofed bungalow with a low shed dormer. the interior is interesting, especially for an everyday home.

In 1912 a high school teacher in Abilene, Texas turned to Sears Modern Homes to build a home for his family of five. John Odor and his wife Addie and their three sons; Paul, Ernest, and Russell called this Sears 125 home for many years.

Image google street view

Sears offered the 125 1908-1917.  This image from my Sears Modern Homes catalog 1912 shows the price that John Odor would have paid for his house that he built in 1912. He saved $500.00 That’s a lot! Keep in mind, he had to have a lot, he had to purchase cement and masonry local and this price did not include anything electrical or plumbing, or heat. Just the structure.

Looking at this floor plan, I can’t help but wonder if John made changes. Did he put in a bathroom? This was in the city limit of Abilene, Texas. Did he build real walls instead of beaded wall partitions? That might be fine for a summer cottage or a place on the waters edge to vacation. But, three rowdy boys 24/7 ? Likely not.

This google street view from the right shows what appears to be another door and mail box. It must be a duplex now.

And we get a glimpse of the back between houses from the block behind. You may have noticed the low shed dormer was either omitted or removed at some point. I think likely omitted and this tiny dormer in the back was built instead, or maybe it was in the plans and we just don’t know since we can’t see the actual blue prints. No telling.

Image from google street view.

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